Online Nutrition Counseling

You want to change your life by improving your health. Maybe your doctor has even suggested it is time to change your diet and activity. You need professional advice about what to do and how to do it. You know you must make an appointment, but taking the time to journey across town to a clinic has many obstacles:

  • Dealing with traffic
  • You are sick and shouldn’t leave the house
  • You have limited mobility, whether temporarily or permanently
  • Your days may be filled with meetings and appointments
  • It is difficult to take time off work
  • You need to travel or go out of town

Changing health habits is already challenging. Renewtrition understands these barriers and wants to simplify this by providing virtual nutrition counseling that is convenient for you!

What is nutrition counseling?

In short, nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian means personalized health advice and meal planning. Start by providing basic information such as your medical history, food preferences, and allergies. Based on your unique health concerns, you and your dietitian will establish long term goals for treatment during the initial 60 minute appointment. At each 45 minute follow up visit, you will receive education about nutrition, discuss ideal meal and snack options, and set short term goals that gradually help meet your overall health goals. Lifestyle changes take time and energy, and it is important to have consistent support during this process. Your dietitian provides not only advice, but also accountability to maintain progress.

What is virtual nutrition counseling?

Rather than meeting in person, you will have video appointments, phone calls, and email support from your dietitian. These video chats, or telehealth visits, can be completed using smart phone, tablet, or computer, as long as you have access to the internet and a video camera. Any signed documents are completed electronically. You will be provided with an online patient portal through Healthie. This online program is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), meaning that your personal health and contact information are kept private and protected. Only you and your dietitian will have access to your information.

Healthie allows you and your provider to track a lot of useful information in one place:

  • Appointments & scheduling
  • Food records
  • Weight changes
  • Workouts
  • Pictures of progress
  • Goals and goal compliance
  • Confidential messaging
  • Payment processing

Check out what your patient portal would look like:

You can access your patient portal online or through the free Healthie app.

How can you sign up?

Click here to schedule your first appointment.

You can also check out the services page for more information about pricing.
Renewtrition offers individual appointments or package deals for multiple visits.

Contact Information

Phone: (206) 414-8762

Take charge of your health by renewing the relationship you have to food and your body through education, application, and accountability.

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