Hello, I’m Nicole Lyon, RDN.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,
I want to help you take the stress out of eating
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Is food causing you physical or emotional pain? Do you want help identifying which foods are best for your unique body?

As a dietitian, I offer personalized online nutrition counseling to help you feel better and improve your health!

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Client Reviews

“Nicole was very organized, pleasant and accepting of all my questions. She exhibited patience and understanding about my concerns so that our 3 visits were exceptionally helpful. She is outstanding in her profession.” –S.B.

“Nicole was very a very knowledgeable and helpful guide as I worked to reform my diet and exercise. She provided the encouragement and accountability that I needed.” –J.M.

“…I had colon resection surgery… (and) stomach ulcers. When I ate almost anything, my stomach burned and my left side hurt. I contacted Nicole because, although the doctors gave me meds for acid reduction and pain, they never offered help with food sources. Nicole set up a diet plan that included foods easy on the stomach and a slow increase in fiber. I am now slowly getting better and tolerating more foods. Nicole was careful to question me about all my needs. She checked on my progress and made sure I could contact her with any questions or concerns.” -B.L.

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