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As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,
I want to help you feel better & get healthy!

Is food causing you physical or emotional pain? Let’s find what foods are best for your unique body!

As an RDN, I offer personalized online nutrition counseling to help you get rid of uncomfortable digestive issues. Learn to trust your gut and renew your faith in food.

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Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes? Are you struggling to understand how food impacts your blood sugar? Take control of your health with gradual changes in diet and lifestyle.

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Client Reviews

“Nicole was very organized, pleasant and accepting of all my questions. She exhibited patience and understanding about my concerns so that our 3 visits were exceptionally helpful. She is outstanding in her profession.” –S.B.

“Nicole was very a very knowledgeable and helpful guide as I worked to reform my diet and exercise. She provided the encouragement and accountability that I needed.” –J.M.

“…I had colon resection surgery… (and) stomach ulcers. When I ate almost anything, my stomach burned and my left side hurt. I contacted Nicole because, although the doctors gave me meds for acid reduction and pain, they never offered help with food sources. Nicole set up a diet plan that included foods easy on the stomach and a slow increase in fiber. I am now slowly getting better and tolerating more foods. Nicole was careful to question me about all my needs. She checked on my progress and made sure I could contact her with any questions or concerns.” -B.L.

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  • Low Acid Green Salsa
    This salsa is perfect if you want to enjoy salsa without the heart burn.
  • Low FODMAP Red Salsa
    Low FODMAP Red Salsa, just in time for cinco de mayo! This gut friendly dish provides great flavor without the uncomfortable side effects that traditional salsa might cause for those with IBS.
  • Coconut Flour Pancakes
    The weekend is nearly upon us! Personally, I love to spend one of my weekend mornings making a more elaborate breakfast than usual. This means spending more time in the kitchen to create multiple dishes for breakfast rather than aContinue reading “Coconut Flour Pancakes”

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