Hello! I’m Registered Dietitian
Nutritionist Nicole Lyon

Registered Dietitian Nicole Lyon

Renewtrition offers virtual nutrition counseling & meal planning services
to help you renew your health with the power of nutrition.

What do you need support with?

General Wellness

  • Improving daily eating habits & meal planning
  • General nutrition information
  • Reducing blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Preventing diabetes

Digestive Health

  • Acid reflux or heartburn
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • LPR (Laryngopharyngeal reflux disease)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

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Client Testimonials

“I came to Nicole looking for a holistic way to approach my PCOS and the accompanying symptoms. Over the 3 months we worked together, I saw major improvements in my skin, energy levels, digestion, and cravings. I was shocked how quickly I saw these changes. Nicole helped me establish health goals and gave tips on how to incorporate them into my life. She does a great job at providing the perfect balance of information – just enough to empower, but not too much to overwhelm. Nicole was highly professional and came to each meeting prepared. I now have the tools to actively manage my unique health concerns and I feel amazing! I would highly recommend working with Nicole!” Amber D.

“”…I had colon resection surgery… (and) stomach ulcers. When I ate almost anything, my stomach burned and my left side hurt. I contacted Nicole because, although the doctors gave me meds for acid reduction and pain, they never offered help with food sources. Nicole set up a diet plan that included foods easy on the stomach and a slow increase in fiber. I am now slowly getting better and tolerating more foods. Nicole was careful to question me about all my needs. She checked on my progress and made sure I could contact her with any questions or concerns.” B.L.

“I was originally referred to Nicole through my doctor as I wanted to get a better handle on interpreting an iG test (which outlined sensitivities to certain foods).  I also wanted to get a better handle on my weight and overall health. When I first met Nicole, she was so nice and extremely knowledgeable.  Over the course of several months, Nicole has really helped me get my gut health under control and as a side positive result, I have lost about 20 pounds. What I like about Nicole, is that you are getting personalized service that is tailored to your own unique issues.  Popular diets or cookbooks fall short when you have sensitivities to many of the ingredients!  Nicole was able to provide meal plans just for me. We went from outlining the foods that were bothering me (which there are several) to understanding which others were causing me major issues.  Not only is Nicole a skilled nutritionist, but she is aware of the psychological impacts that food has on our lives.  I never thought I could or would give up wheat, dairy, garlic, nuts, and many others, but Nicole helped me through that process.” Ali H

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