Welcome, Wise Patients

To personalized nutrition advice with registered dietitian, Nicole Lyon

Gain clarity on what actions you can take
to change the way you eat for your health.

Renewtrition offers online nutrition counseling & meal planning services.
All appointments are held via video conference or phone calls.

Do you have VOUCHERS?

If YES… Renewtrition will call you within 1-2 weeks to schedule your consultation.

If you have not yet received a phone call, please feel free to reach out by calling (206)414-8762 or emailing nicole@renewtritiononline.com.

3 vouchers = one 60-minute consult


  1. Learn the most important nutrition factors that impact your specific health condition or concern.
  2. Get answers to your burning nutrition questions.
  3. Receive documents and resources to help you move forward and make changes!

Before your appointment: Log into your Healthie online patient profile with the password provided to your email. (Check your spam folder or inbox for “Hello from Renewtrition”). You will need to electronically sign & fill out 4 intake forms:
1) Consent to Treat
2) New Client Form
3) Nutrition Assessment
4) 3 Days Food Records
Please aim to have the following forms completed AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT so your dietitian has enough time to review your information.

During your appointment: Your appointment will be uniquely customized to your specific nutrition needs based on your health and top questions. Learn more about the impact nutrition has on your specific health concerns, discuss long term strategies to improve your health or eating habits, and establish short term actionable steps to make.

After your appointment: Check the documents section of your online patient portal for a visit summary and relevant handouts. Then get to work on the goals & actions discussed at your appointment!

No vouchers? No problem.

Click here to see services offered by Renewtrition. If you aren’t sure which service is best for you, start by scheduling a free 30-minute strategy session to chat directly with a dietitian:

Renewtrition currently accepts the following health insurance plans:
-Premera Blue Cross
-Regence BlueShield of Washington

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