Imagine…worrying less about where the bathroom is (and how long you’ll be in there)…

IBS sucks

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of always cancelling plans…
  • You’re overwhelmed by the list of foods you’ve been told not to eat…
  • You feel trapped in a vicious cycle of stressing about food which causes pain which causes stress…
  • You’re wondering if you’ll ever feel better.

Does the word “FODMAP” break you out in a cold sweat?

Let me guess: when your doc first diagnosed you with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), they handed you a long list of no-no foods then sent you on your way. So after some deep googling, you discovered FODMAPs and quickly lost hope of every eating your favorite foods ever again.

Maybe you already tried low FODMAP once, but eating out with friends was so isolating while they freely chose their entrees and you poured over the menu in search of something compatible with your “diet”.

At home, you spent hours meal planning, worrying if you did it right.

You used to be stressed from symptoms, wondering which foods caused your issues, but NOW you’re stressed every time you eat! And we both know that worry & stress is just going to make you feel worse. So one week later, you give up, wondering if you’ll ever get out of this vicious cycle.

Let’s face it: changing eating habits is hard. Never mind having to eliminate basically everything you love overnight. It’s no wonder you gave up so easily and just dealt with the pain. But here’s the thing… you don’t have to.

It is possible to implement low FODMAP without stressing yourself out, making symptoms worse, and without hating food forever.

IBS is a digestive disorder of how the brain & gut communicate.

Changing what you eat is certainly helpful but it only addresses half the problem!

Introducing: Renewtrition’s Mindful BITE Method for IBS

Created with YOU in mind

A person who is tired of figuring it out all on your own, dreaming of feeling better, and who needs more than just a list of foods not to eat.

Get professional help from a nutrition & mindfulness expert to start reclaiming your health and stop feeling bad in just 12 weeks.

“[This program] has helped me in many areas of my life, not just digestion-related! Looking out for the symptoms of IBS & knowing how to mitigate triggers is so empowering.” -L.M.

After the Mindful BITE Method, you will:

  • Identify which foods cause you the most pain (it might be those raw salads that are so ‘healthy’)
  • Eat more mindfully with less mealtime stress
  • Feel more confident about making plans to eat with friends
  • Reduce stress, pain, anxiety and embarrassment that comes with having an overactive gut
  • Cultivate a positive relationship with your mind & body (trust me, your body doesn’t hate you)

registered dietitian & yoga instructor
Nicole Lyon, RDN, CD, RYT

 Hello, I’m Nicole Lyon, RDN, CD, RYT, here to help you find relief from your digestive issues because I understand your pain. After years working in high stress jobs (handling my stress mostly with alcohol), I developed digestive pain that worsened from occasional to weekly to daily.

My doctor’s only solution was medication & a list of foods NOT to eat. Since many of my favorite foods were listed, I focused on using meds, supplements, and at-home remedies. Despite the temporary relief these all provided, my symptoms always returned.

As a dietitian, I was fully aware that changing what I ate would help me feel better. HOWEVER, knowing is NOT doing. After months of suffering, I was finally fed up feeling bad. Eating no longer brought me joy, just pain. Something had to change & I was finally ready to take action. Where to go from here?

My healing journey started by sitting down & building a meal plan so I didn’t have to wonder what I should eat each day. I started feeling better very quickly, but my process was isolating & overwhelming because I failed to address one HUGE thing: MINDSET

As a yogi, I’m fascinated by the impact our minds have on our behavior & health. The brain has a direct impact on our digestion & vice versa. In constant communication, what happens to one will contribute to the other. Mood impacts digestion which impacts mood.

This is exactly why I have created a program that not only addresses what, how, and when to eat, but ALSO provides strategies for changing your mind & its impact on the body.

The Mindful BITE Method teaches mindfulness strategies proven to reduce stress and anxiety while improving the mind-body connection.

“I feel much more in control of my diet and mental state and know how to combat any issues I may encounter in the future. Even more empowering is knowing which foods I react to so I can avoid the issues altogether.” Liz M.

Get started today!
The longer you wait, the more you will suffer
and neither of us wants that.

Waiting to eventually figure out what impacts your symptoms means more pain, more doctor’s visits, more missed work, more cancelled plans, and the more of life you will miss out on.

You are surely capable of piecing together information on your own, but committing to 12 weeks of personalized support will save you money, time, and frustration. I’m not saying the process won’t come with challenges, but you don’t have to do it all alone.

What’s Included in the Mindful BITE Method:

  • Twelve 30-60 minute appointments with a Registered Dietitian (worth $1,328)
  • 12 weeks of mindfulness strategies (valued at $129)
  • Three 7-day custom meal-plans (worth $252)
  • Personalized recipe collection (valued at $49)
  • Custom supplement recommendations
  • Food & symptom tracking support

Invest in yourself & your health

For just one payment of $1,497 OR 3 payments of $525.

That’s less than $135/week for a personalized plan, weekly support & accountability.
Apply today!

“Making these changes to my diet in conjunction with the mindfulness modules has been way more impactful than any of my previous attempts to improve my digestive health. The mind/gut connection has been really eye opening. The program makes big lifestyle changes feel like self care rather than punishment.” program tester


What type of foods will I eat?

The Mindful BITE Method for IBS uses primarily the low FODMAP elimination process, with guidelines based on Monash University (the leaders in research of FODMAPs). High FODMAP foods are highly fermentable meaning they cause gas, bloating, constipation, and/or diarrhea – all common symptoms of IBS. Temporarily reducing these foods to gain control of symptoms can help you find relief.

What is mindfulness and how will it help my IBS?

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique of being aware of the present moment (feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations) without judgment. Many studies have found mindfulness can improve digestive disorders, pain, anxiety, and depression. An estimated 50-90% of people with IBS also suffer from mental issues including anxiety and/or depression. The Mindful Bite program teaches 11 techniques that can be incorporated into your daily life.

How do I know if this program will work for me?

Mindful BITE is a unique program and is not a perfect fit for everyone. Start with a complimentary 30-minute call (click here to get started) with Registered Dietitian Nicole Lyon to learn more and see if you qualify.

This program is FOR YOU if you…

✓ Have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome
✓ Are willing to temporarily keep a record of your food & symptoms
✓ Are ready to change what you eat

What’s included?
  • Twelve 30-60 minute appointments with a Registered Dietitian (worth $1,328)
  • 12 weeks of mindfulness strategies (valued at $129)
  • Three 7-day custom meal-plans (worth $252)
  • Personalized recipe collection (valued at $49)
  • Custom supplement recommendations
  • Food & symptom tracking support

How much does it cost?

Currently, the price is $1497 OR 3 monthly installments of $525.

This program does not qualify for insurance coverage at this time.

You will receive recommendations for food, supplements, and online programs, but Renewtrition is not responsible for covering any of these additional costs beyond what is outlined in the features above. You may receive qualifying discount codes. 

What if I decide this program isn’t for me?

Receive a 100% refund if cancel before any of the program content has been delivered. Information is then delivered on a weekly basis over 12 weeks. If you choose to discontinue the program after starting, any weeks that have not yet been delivered qualify for an 80% refund. 

Can you guarantee I will heal my irritable bowel syndrome?

It is difficult to speak in absolute terms in healthcare. Health results can never be guaranteed, and complete healing from IBS may not occur. Each participant may receive different results based on the amount of time and effort spent during this program.

There is certainly a variety of information, skills, and techniques that will positively contribute to your health whether physically or mentally. I’ll also be there along the way to customize your plan to fit your needs so you are not alone on this journey!  

You deserve to feel better .
You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.
Click the button & let’s get started!

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