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I have been fascinated by nutrition since high school when I first took biology, anatomy, and culinary classes. Torn between the medical field and cooking, I majored in nutritional sciences and minored in hospitality at Texas Tech University. Throughout my life, I have always working in various hospitals or restaurants. Working in hospitals allowed me to see extreme consequences of poorly managed diseases, often a result of little education about one’s condition. This ignited my passion to help people work on small daily habit changes from home to help people stay out of the hospital.

While I have known for many years how nutrition can improve health, I understood it more profoundly after healing my own gastroesophageal reflux disease (or GERD) in 2019. After struggling with acid reflux for years that resulted in daily pain after eating or drinking, I managed to heal my stomach with gradual changes in what I consumed and my mindset around food. I also had to learn how to manage my stress and anxiety to improve my digestion. Since sticking with these changes, I no longer have pain, I don’t take any medications, and now I can tolerate almost any food without heartburn (in moderation, of course)!

One way I learned to manage my stress and anxiety was by practicing yoga. The deep breathing, mindful movement, meditation, and deep relaxation have been shown to improve mental health, especially anxiety and depression. In 2018, I became certified as a yoga teacher through Seattle Yoga Arts! This training helps me to help others address stress with breathing and mindfulness techniques, which I actively incorporate into my nutrition counseling.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (86032659)

Dietitian Certification, Washington (DI60786399)

Licensed Dietitian, Texas (DT83885)

I received my undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University, then completed a dietetic internship with Medical City Dallas Hospital. While living in Texas, I worked as a clinical dietitian for a 108-bed hospital (Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Waxahachie), providing nutrition support and education for admitted patients. I also helped patients maintain healthy nutrition status while undergoing chemotherapy & radiation at the outpatient cancer center.

Once I moved to Seattle, I worked as an outpatient dietitian for an ATI Physical Therapy clinic, providing medication nutrition therapy to patients referred by their doctors for a variety of health conditions. I helped many many improve their digestive health, reduce risk of disease progression, and reduce or even eliminate medications! I started my own private practice, providing virtual appointments so that patients did not have to be inconvenienced by meeting in a clinic every week.

Namaste with Nicole

The way my mind and body feels after yoga – strong, energized, refreshed, balanced – has been incredibly helpful for calming my anxious mind. Yoga teaches me to slow down and tune into my body, to deepen the love and respect I have for it. It also helps me manage my back pain!

Yoga Reviews

“Nicole’s classes are always engaging and restorative. She strikes a perfect balance between helpful and supportive in her teaching, and tailors her classes seamlessly to the interests and abilities of the participants. I always love taking classes with her!” – L.H.

“…Nicole’s classes were different. Not only were they an amazing workout, but the way she led the class had me more mindful of my body, and more intentional with my movements… I love how Nicole always checks in with our bodies to make sure we’re not hurting ourselves and to offer modifications throughout… -S.C.

“I have been practicing yoga for about 7 years, and Nicole is one of my favorite yoga teachers of all time! By the end of each practice, my body feels absolutely amazing: open, nourished, detoxified… Not only does her practice do wonders in the moment via asana, her message also trickles out to other aspects of life, encouraging her students to tap into our body cues as we move through our day-to-day and make decisions from a place that is more aligned with our intuition…I wish everyone in the world could experience Nicole’s approach to yoga!” -H.G.

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