About Nicole

About Nicole

Registered Dietitian since 2015, I’ve worked with many folks in various stages of health from severely ill in the hospital, undergoing cancer treatment, newly diagnosed with a health condition, and those struggling (often in silence) with digestive issues.

When it comes to the health and the human body – I’ve seen, heard, and smelled it all before!

I, too, have struggled with my digestive health through the painful discomfort of chronic acid reflux (a.k.a. GERD). While I currently have it well-controlled without medication, it wasn’t always this way. I suffered for many months with reflux before I set my mind on healing my gut because despite KNOWING what to do, my MINDSET had to change for me to be successful.

Because KNOWING does NOT = DOING

I’m fascinated by the impact food has on our well-being, not only physically but also mentally. Food can impact our mood which can impact our food choices.

Good nutrition goes beyond what we eat. It includes how we eat, our mindset, and relationship with our bodies.

Let’s work together to help you shift your mindset towards food & your body!


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (86032659)

Dietitian Certification, Washington (DI60786399)

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