Feel better about eating

Through personalized mindful nutrition
with Registered Dietitian & yogi
Nicole Lyon, RDN, CD, RYT

You deserve to feel better

Nicole Lyon, RDN, CD, RYT

“…I had colon resection surgery… (and) stomach ulcers. When I ate almost anything, my stomach burned and my left side hurt. I contacted Nicole because, although the doctors gave me meds for acid reduction and pain, they never offered help with food sources. Nicole set up a plan that included foods easy on the stomach and a slow increase in fiber. I am now slowly getting better and tolerating more foods. Nicole was careful to question me about all my needs. She checked on my progress and made sure I could contact her with any questions or concerns.” -B.L.

Contrary to what we often see online, it takes more than one 5-day challenge or week long cleanse to find relief from digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn or reflux (GERD, LPR), and others.

Long-term healing requires a thorough assessment, professional knowledge, and a system that works for you! The good news is that you can find freedom from digestive struggles with a personalized plan of action, recipes that suit your lifestyle, measuring progress, and addressing your mindset.

Let’s start building healthy habits that you can actually stick with
so you can continue on the path towards feeling your best.

Start with a free 30-minute consultation

“Prior to working with Nicole, I was struggling with LPR that presented by feeling like I constantly had a lump in my throat. I would get in my head about this, and it would lead to all sorts of anxiety. Additionally, I couldn’t stop clearing my throat…I’d encourage anyone struggling with reflux to work with Nicole! She knows what she’s doing and she is able to present it in a way that helps you develop a toolkit for the rest of your life vs. just telling you what to do!-Conor C.

Renewtrition can help you:

Develop healthier eating habits

Explore healthy & delicious recipes

Overcome painful & embarrassing digestive issues

Improve mindset for changing the way you eat

Cultivate a positive relationship with food & your body

“When I first met Nicole, she was so nice and extremely knowledgeable. Over the course of several months, Nicole has really helped me get my gut health under control… What I like about Nicole, is that you are getting personalized service that is tailored to your own unique issues. Not only is Nicole a skilled nutritionist, but she is aware of the psychological impacts that food has on our lives.  I never thought I could or would give up wheat, dairy, garlic, nuts, and many others, but Nicole helped me through that process.”

-Ali H

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